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Why Grand River?

Grand River Boats have been engineered and built to include the most important construction features, the most popular cruising features, and best of all are powered by a legendary Yamaha Outboard motor!

WELCOME TO Grand River Boats

Grand River Boats is more than just another boat company. What makes us special is our strong attention to detail, our use of high-quality materials, and our team of highly skilled craftsmen. This combination makes for a superior boat that will move safely, efficiently and with unparalleled stability for many years to come.

About Us

We are proudly Canadian, and all of our boats are made with the customer in mind. We understand that boaters are passionate about the outdoors and creating lasting memories with their families. Whether it be fishing, cruising, or any other water activities, our affordable products provide an exceptional ride and reliability which brings added peace of mind. At Grand River Boats, we strive to be the leaders in our industry, which is why we will never stop working to make the best boats possible.

History Of

Grand River Boats

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Who We Are

Your Grand River Boat manufacturing team is made up of boating experts from across North America that have unparalleled experience in the marine industry. Thus, ensuring that our Grand River Boat products continue to uphold the highest quality of parts and workmanship, every time.



Justin Homerey

CEO & Founder

Justin Homerey

CEO & Founder

Justin Homerey

CEO & Founder

Boating for all

Grand River Boats is pushing the limits of pleasure with family or friends with well-equipped pontoons and fishing boats. What type of boater are you?