The Top 5 Must-Have Accessories for Your Grand River Boat

When sailing, safety should always come first. A life jacket is the most crucial watercraft accessory. Every passenger must have one, not only by law, but also because it can save lives in the case of an accident or emergency. Make sure the life jacket you select fits comfortably and correctly. The best life jacket […]

Boat Launching Tips & Etiquette

It’s an exciting feeling having a successful first launch for any new boat owner. Our guide will walk you through the best way to launch a boat to ensure each step is done properly, and provide some tips on good boat ramp etiquette. Prepping Your Boat Prior to Launch If you are brand new to […]

Tips for Taking Your Dog Boating

There’s nothing like being in open water and feeling the wind in your face as you set sail on your next voyage. The next best thing is having your…